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Katrina's Thera~Spa

Swedish Massage:

This technique uses long

fluid strokes that help increase circulation, improve skin, & enhance awareness of self. A one hour massage is the equivalence of 8 hours of sleep on the nervous system.

Deep Tissue:

This technique uses deep strokes and is commonly combined with Trigger Point Therapy. It helps work out the “knots” that are painful & cause the shortening of the muscles. Not only is this uncomfortable but it pulls the body out of alignment and costs us more energy to carry out our day to day movements.

Hot Stone Massage:

The heat of the stones radiates deep into the muscle while skilled technique & pressure help release trigger points (“knots”).


Myofascial Release:

Fascia wraps around the muscles & is often compared to cellophane. When the muscles tighten the fascia can bind to itself causing dysfunction & pain. This technique helps redistribute the fascia by using facilitated stretching and other advanced techniques.

Thai Massage:

If you love yoga, this massage will delight you. It is compared to facilitated yoga that incorporates Eastern Medicine Energy Techniques. This massage will leave you feeling re-energized, increased range of motion, and helps actively reduce stress.

Lymphatic Massage:

A light rhythmic motion, that works directly with the immune system. Our bodies are made of 98% water and when there is a block in the flow of fluid in our tissues toxins can build up. It can also promote the loss of water weight to help balance the fluid in the body.

Cranial Sacral:

A light technique that works with the central nervous system, & works to maintain or gain balance sending messages to the entire body through the mobilization, of hormones and other chemicals the body needs to create or maintain a healthy balance.

Pregnancy Massage:

A woman’s body goes through many changes during pregnancy and there is a special technique to help support health and wellness during this time. Studies have shown that massage during pregnancy promotes the development of the baby through stress reduction.

Cold Stone:

Cold stone therapy is often used for treating migraines & works great for facial massages.

Hot and Cold stones can be combined to create a therapeutic treatment to help flush out an area that has been injured.


In Eastern culture the foot is believed to be the map of the body, a blend of massage and acupressure are used to give the feet a radiant treatment that gives the feel of a whole body massage.

Body Scrubs:

Choose from Green Tea Lemongrass or Citrus Body Polish. It is an excellent treatment before a massage, or as a stand-alone treatment. It will leave your skin feeling soft, and the invigorating scrub helps burn off stress hormones faster.

Lymphatic Facial:

Enjoy an hour long facial using a lymphatic technique that will reduce puffiness. Cold stones are added to the treatment also to help reduce dark under eye circles. This treatment is also great for people who suffer from migraines.